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Posts by Jennifer Byrne

Magnitude of Gratitude: Gratefulness

The common denominator in every aspect of this article series is the patient. Every patient, healthcare consumer and clinical research participant is part of a community, a community of our family members, friends, neighbors and countless others. They are the reasons doctors, scientists and researchers put on their white coats every day, spend countless hours…

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Magnitude of Gratitude: From Novel Concept to the Patient

Active, eager, and determined are just a few words to describe the numerous contributors who reside under the pharmaceutical company umbrella. The numerous contributors include scientists, engineers, leaders, patient enthusiasts, researchers and many more. High cost of drugs and the lengthy process to get medicines to market has often painted the pharmaceutical industry in a…

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The Law of the Compounding Penny

My first lesson about compounding numbers began as a young child. My mom taught me the lesson of the penny. She asked if I would rather have a million dollars or a penny doubled everyday for 30 days? When first posed the question, I thought my Mom was out of her mind…of course, I would…

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A Greater Gift: Advancing Clinical Research By Giving Back

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published by Wake Forest Innovation Quarter When Jennifer Byrne looks out the window of her light-filled office at 525@vine in the Innovation Quarter, she sees more than landscaping and buildings. She sees more than doctors, students and faculty as they walk by. What she sees is the future of clinical…

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Clinical Research as a Care Option

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by Lawrence Lloyd from Science 37 My First Exposure to Clinical Research I went to high school in the Houston area, and during my senior year in high school, I was on the student council. There was a boy in our class — quiet, not well involved —…

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Celebrating the Gift of Research

This blog was originally published by Lisa Brockway from Antidote Here at Antidote, we believe that volunteering to take part in a clinical trial is nothing short of heroic. While volunteers get access to the latest treatments and expert care, there is so much more – they are helping to accelerate medical research and ensuring that…

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