Clinical research matters.

It is what brought us a vaccine and allowed us to go back to school, to work, to family dinner celebrations, to hugs between grandparents and grandchildren when COVID-19 hit.

Our mission is to increase awareness of clinical trials, especially among unrepresented communities, like women, ethnic minorities, individuals from diverse socio-economic and educational backgrounds. That's why we need you!

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Partnering with Greater Gift Makes a Meaningful Impact

We work with clinical research advocates, leaders in the medical technology and healthcare industry, non-profit organizations, and other partners to engage communities in clinical research that will result in improved health options for communities. Our programs celebrate clinical trial participants and educate and engage communities in the clinical trial process. We cannot do what we do without the support and collaboration of our partners!

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Celebrating Clinical Trial Volunteers

We recognize the critical role volunteers play in the development of newer, safer, and more effective treatments that fight illness and diseases. By partnering with clinical research companies, Greater Gift celebrates and honors clinical trial participants by making donations on their behalf. Our impact on patient retention and patient engagement has been significant.

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Community Readiness, Outreach and Education

Clinical trials need participants from underrepresented populations to advance health equity. Greater Gift partners with non-profit organizations and trusted community leaders to support more diversity in research, address health disparities, and increase access to healthcare.

Women's History Month

More Diverse Leadership = More Inclusive Research

When we have leaders with diverse backgrounds in research we are able to have research that is a better representative of our communities. Greater Gift recognizes the need for diverse representation in leadership roles in clinical research.

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