Clinical Trial Participants

Greater Gift honors patient volunteers and research professionals who make clinical trials possible. Through our work, we advance global health today and tomorrow.


Giving back by giving to others

Greater Gift, with the support of its partners, donates a vaccine to a child in need on behalf of clinical trial volunteers and research professionals. By making this "greater gift" possible, we are able to immediately recognize their sacrifice while the benefits of their contribution to research will live on for years. Since 2010 we have:



Clinical Trial Participants


Meals & Vaccines

*as of August 2019

Preston's Story

Preston has participated in multiple clinical trials and has encouraged friends and family to volunteer as well.

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Christian's Story

Christian is a serial entrepreneur and innovator in clinical research. Currently, Christian leads three organizations that are creating a positive impact on the clinical research industry.

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Patients & Partners make our mission possible. Here are their stories.

Sandy's Story

Sandy has participated in a number of clinical trials.

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Bonnie's Story

Bonnie is Vice President of Segal Trials, a network of research sites in south Florida and Charleston, SC that has been in business for 20 years.

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About Clinical Trials

At any given time, there are approximately 25,000 clinical trials underway in the United States for more than 3,000 medical conditions. Without patient volunteers in clinical trials there would be no new drugs, therapies or medical devices.

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Clinical Trial Awareness Happens When We All Do Our Part: Welcome the 2019 PopUp Star Teams

At any given point in our lives, we or our loved ones may need medicine, therapeutic treatment, or surgery. Those medicines, therapies and surgical interventions are not possible without the rigorous testing that occurs through clinical trials. Without people volunteering for clinical trials, medical needs cannot be effectively met. Future generations will benefit due to…

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Our partners drive modern health care.

Our partners include some of the most forward-looking names in clinical research, medical technology, philanthropy, and health care. They help us make the connection between clinical trials and global health.