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One Good Deed Deserves Another.

You Can Make a Difference

Greater Gift's mission is to increase awareness of clinical research, build trust by celebrating and expressing gratitude for everyone involved, and pay forward the gift of health to children in need. 

We can’t do our important work without partner support and individual donations.

We need you!

We believe a “Thank You” goes a long way to build trust and encourage more involvement in clinical research. In turn, we all benefit from new medicines, treatments, and medical devices that are effective for everyone. 

We pay forward the impact of those involved in clinical research with a donation in their honor to children in need, delivering the gift of health to our future generation.

Help Vulnerable Children in Need

Through our collaboration with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and Feeding America, your donation supports life-saving childhood immunization in some of the poorest countries and nutritious meals for hungry children.

We Need You!

We can only achieve our mission by partnering with clinical research and healthcare leaders and those who are advocates for more equitable, accessible, and inclusive representation. Donate today and make a difference!