Partners Make Our Mission Possible

Making the World a More Thankful Place

By partnering with Greater Gift, collectively we are expressing our gratitude to everyone participating in clinical research. Leading by example, we hope to foster a culture of thankfulness and giving in the larger community.

With this vision in mind, we direct our efforts toward assisting children in need. We hope to raise awareness of the importance of clinical research in advancing global medicine and bringing new treatments and therapies to the world for people to live better, healthier lives.

Our partners are key to our mission! Today, we work with a diverse range of organizations in several different sectors and can tailor a partnership package that suits your needs.

“People are genuinely moved by Greater Gift’s mission and generosity. I could see it in the faces of patients and parents at the pediatric site, and even now with our clients – both Sponsors and CROs alike.”

- Nicole Saladino, Javara

Create Your Own Celebration Program

Whether you want to recognize clinical research participants, staff or others, we have a package for you. We offer standard certificates and posters or the ability to customize them to your needs. We also offer translation for the materials. Shipping and handling options are available both in the United States and internationally.

"We presented the Greater Gift certificate to a patient enrolled in one of our ophthalmology trials and he was so moved that a child in need would have access to a mobile eye clinic.  He knows firsthand how important free mobile eye clinics are for people who don't have access to quality healthcare. This patient's eye disease was diagnosed on a free mobile health clinic and he is able to give back to someone else in need."

– Halley Loosekamp, AGTC

Answers to Common Questions

Q: Does Greater Gift require IRB approval?

A: Yes, our partners submit the certificate for IRB approval.  To date, we have 100% success rate with IRB approval.

Q: Does Greater Gift have patient health information?

A: No, we never have access to patient health information.

Q: How are certificates distributed?

A: All certificates are sent (electronically or mailed) directly to the research site and given by staff to participating patients.

Q: Does the program support international participants?

A: Yes, we have the capacity to translate our celebration certificates into any language and can provide our partner with translation authenticity.

Q: What countries do you work with?

A: We have reach in 19 countries across North and South America, South Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Q: What therapeutic areas and phases of trials do you support?

A: We are TA agnostic and can support all trial phases. Our partners decide which studies they want to include in the celebration program.