Founder’s Story

A Note About Our Founder


In her more than 20 years in clinical research, as CEO of PMG Research, Jennifer Byrne witnessed thousands of selfless patient volunteers take part in over 7,500 clinical trials.

These patient volunteers were motivated either by a need to find a care option for themselves when existing treatments proved ineffective or by a purely altruistic motivation to contribute to research knowledge in the hope of helping future generations of patients suffering from their condition.

One day Jennifer conceived a third way to reward clinical trial participants with immediate recognition for their commitment and sacrifice. What if, for each participant in a clinical trial, a child could receive a life-saving vaccine or a life-enhancing meal? Greater Gift was born in 2010 with the mission to reward the patients in clinical trials and the research professionals who support them.

The concept is simple: marry the dedication of clinical trial participants with corporate philanthropy to improve global health.

Since its formal launch in 2010, Greater Gift has facilitated the vaccinations and meal donations to children in need through our partnerships with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and Feeding America, while thanking clinical trial contributors.

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