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Yes, Greater Gift is a 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. As such, contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax adviser. 

Since its formal launch in 2010, Greater Gift has facilitated the vaccinations of children in poor countries primarily working through a non-government organization, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. While vaccinations will remain a focus of Greater Gift, we have expanded our gift program and are offering a second gift option of a meal to a child in need. 


There is no doubt that childhood hunger is a global health problem. We now offer a second gift option focused on meals as an additional way to provide clinical research participants and researchers a tangible and immediate reward for their contribution. This also allows us to make the connection between clinical research, global health, and community impact. In addition, children having healthy, nutritious meals contribute to their school performance, as well as their mental, physical and cognitive development. Despite this compelling evidence, 1 in 6 children struggles with hunger. There are 6.5 million children in the US who live in food insecure households. We are working to ensure children have the meals they need to grow into strong, healthy adults.

Greater Gift makes donations for meals to community food banks that support childhood hunger programs in partnership with Feeding America. The meals are distributed to children in the US who are enrolled in a childhood hunger program.


Greater Gift is sometimes mistaken for a vaccine organization, which we are not. We initially focused on vaccines as a way to provide clinical research participants and researchers a tangible and immediate reward for their contribution. This also allows us to make the connection between clinical research and global health. In addition, immunization is one of the most successful and cost-effective health investments in history. Despite this compelling evidence, 19.5 million children, mainly in low income countries, are still not fully protected with even the most basic vaccines. There are 1.5 million children under the age of five who lose their lives every year to diseases that could be prevented by vaccines. We are working to ensure children around the world have a healthier start in life and can grow up to be productive and healthy adults.

Greater Gift makes donations for vaccines to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The vaccines are delivered to children in countries supported by Gavi.

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Clinical Research Site, Sponsor or CRO

If your company is currently engaged in clinical research, Greater Gift provides an excellent way to reward clinical trial participants and staff while helping to grow awareness of clinical trials. We strive to be the charity of choice for the clinical research community.

Healthcare Provider or Health System

If you are a health care provider or health system, Greater Gift provides a mechanism for you to differentiate your practice and build patient loyalty as you expand your research focus.

Foundation or Corporation

If you are a foundation or corporation with an interest in global health, Greater Gift provides an excellent platform to impact and achieve your charitable objectives.

Learn more about how Greater Gift supports your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Greater Gift is fortunate to receive generous support from a variety of organizations and individuals who share our interest in improving global health. See our partners.

Greater Gift estimates that the additional staff time required to present the recognition award to a patient is approximately...30 seconds! We're sure you'll agree this is a very small commitment to engender greater patient loyalty and satisfaction. See how our program works.

The first step to getting involved is contacting us! We would love to hear from you. Send us an email at sshore@greatergift.org so we can schedule a meeting to learn more about your initiatives and how Greater Gift can partner with your organization.

Please visit our Donations page. You may make a one-time or recurring donation and you may make the donation directly in your name, or in honor of a loved one. Donations may be made online or by check.

When you support the work of Greater Gift, you can make a general donation to support us in furthering our reach and impact. You can make a gift in honor of a special individual in your life and part of your donation will provide a gift of a vaccine or meal to a child in need.

If you’re a patient who has participated in a clinical trial, we would love to hear about your experience! By sharing your story, you not only help promote the work of Greater Gift but also help us refine our programs to be more responsive to the needs of clinical trial participants. If you would like to provide a testimonial, be interviewed for our newsletter or discuss appearing in a Greater Gift video, please contact Skyler Shore at sshore@greatergift.org 

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