Claire Russell

Claire Russell

Marketing & Communications Committee

Claire is a strategic digital, traditional and social media marketing communications executive with over 20 years of experience working within both global agency and in-house corporate environments. Her transition from consumer-driven digital and social media marketing campaign design to patient-centered digital-engagement strategies began 8 years ago as one of the founding members of a Digital Patient unit for a global CRO.

As Executive Director of PRA’s Patient Experience business unit, Claire has built and leads an in-house team responsible for the development and delivery of innovative, patient-centric engagement, recruitment and retention strategies that support multiple phases of global drug development. Her team, comprised of digital, social and traditional media experts, e-recruitment strategists and business intelligence analysts are focused on developing innovative healthcare technologies and strategies that meet the expectations of today’s highly engaged, digitally empowered patient and caregiver.

Leveraging in-house capabilities that include: social listening and intelligence reporting, a proprietary patient-engagement platform and referral tracking and management tool; traditional, digital and social media recruitment strategy development and delivery and custom built, business intelligence dashboards – The Patient Experience team gets involved with clinical operations as part of early engagement to support trial optimization, to develop innovative patient/caregiver engagement and lead acquisition strategies with the goal of driving efficiencies, that help to reduce costs and timelines and help speed drugs to market.

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