Segal Trials Announces Partnership with Greater Gift

Segal Trials announces its newest initiative toward raising clinical trial awareness through its partnership with Greater Gift (GG).

Greater Gift’s mission is to advance global health and highlight the greater good of clinical trial participation by gifting a vaccine to a child in need in honor of each clinical trial volunteer. The vision of GG is to serve as a philanthropic connector between clinical trial sites, investigators, CROs and sponsors by conveying a unified message to the clinical volunteer community that their participation does matter.

“We are proud to launch our newest clinical awareness initiative through partnering with Greater Gift. We believe that research sites play a vital role in creating a positive change of the public’s perception of research. Through our partnership with Greater Gift, we thank our volunteers in a tangible way for their gift of participation. The tangible gift is a vaccine donated to a child in a developing country. As an industry stakeholder, I believe we have a social responsibility to raise clinical trial awareness and our community’s perception of research. Greater Gift makes it accessible for all stakeholders to do so.” said Bonnie Segal, Vice President and Co-Founder of Segal Trials.

Segal Trials has launched the GG program at their West Broward Outpatient Clinic and plans to expand the program throughout its five other research sites in South Florida and South Carolina.

Recently, after being honored with a customized certificate reflecting the donation, Camille, a Segal Trials participant, said “I really like to be a volunteer and especially to be able to help kids in need. It means a lot to me; I was diagnosed with cancer when I was young and people had to make donations to help me, so it means a lot that Segal Trials is doing this for children.”

Segal Trials is a proud supporter of Greater Gift and looks forward to providing many more children the gift of a vaccine in honor of their research trial volunteers’ participation.

Greater Gift is proud to be partnering with Segal Trials to honor clinical trial participants through their sites. “The patient can be the most powerful source in championing the message of clinical research. As an industry, we must do a better job of making patients feel like they are valued and appreciated for their work. That starts at the clinical trial site and we appreciate the team at Segal Trials for their support and commitment to expressing gratitude,” said Amanda Wright, Executive Director of Greater Gift.

This press release was originally published by Segal Trials