Patient Focused Drug Development

What does this mean?

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In recent years, both sponsors of clinical research and regulatory bodies have embraced the concept of Patient Focused Drug Development. Here at Greater Gift, we say it’s about time!

What this means, in part, is that patients become involved earlier in the clinical trial process, helping to establish more realistic protocols to encourage participation, or helping establish endpoints that are truly meaningful to patients outside of traditional “clinical” measures.

There is a real effort being made to make clinical trials more convenient and accessible to patients through, for instance, the increased use of wearable devices and other technologies.

Additionally, we are all working to increase the diversity of clinical trial participants, including women, minority groups and children so that results are more representative of the populations suffering from the conditions or diseases being studied.

For all of these reasons, we hope you have a better understanding of why Greater Gift’s mission is to highlight and celebrate the heroes who participate in clinical trials.

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