Feeding Communities Together

Elementary school girl at the front of the school bus queue

With the commitment and support of its partners, Greater Gift provides funding for one meal for one child every time one person makes the important decision to volunteer for a clinical trial.

Greater Gift currently focuses its contributions to Feeding America's National BackPack Program. For more than 15 years, the Feeding America BackPack Program has been providing children with nutritious and easy-to-prepare food so they can have enough to eat on the weekends.

Today, bags of food for the BackPack Program are assembled at more than 160 food banks and distributed to more than 450,000 children at the end of the week each year.

Greater Gift is uniquely focused on making the connection between clinical trial volunteers and global health.



One Meal

Lack of healthy foods can have serious implications for a child’s physical health, mental health, and academic achievements. Studies show a link between food insecurity and delayed development, risk of chronic illnesses and behavioral problems. Nutritious meals are a necessity for the development of children into strong, healthy adults. (*Source: Feeding America).

One Child

More than 12 million children in the United States live in food insecure households. Our goal is to honor volunteers who participate in clinical trials every year, while providing a potentially life-changing meal in that person's honor.

One Volunteer

Volunteers are crucial to the clinical trial process. Without willing participants, advancements in new drug development would stagnate. Many clinical trial volunteers participate to advance medicine with the ultimate goal of advancing global health and quality of life.

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