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Supporting and Celebrating
Diversity in Research

You work hard, hoping to make a difference in your work.

It takes everyone’s help to build strong communities. Greater Gift leverages relationships within the non-profit sector to achieve common goals: increased access to medical care and ensuring equity in research.

We are committed to collaborating with community-based organizations to introduce communities to the opportunities clinical research can offer -- and engage them in why diversity in research matters.

Community Partnerships

Improving the Health
of Your Community

Without clinical trial volunteers, new drugs and treatments to keep people healthy cannot be discovered. Clinical trials need representation from all communities, so we can find treatments that work effectively for people of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Minority populations were three times more likely to experience complications from COVID-19 but were not equitably represented in clinical trials for the vaccine. This challenge presents itself across varying disease states. We understand why. Now is the time to build trust in minority communities to ensure everyone is equitably represented in research.


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Building Bridges for Better Health

Currently, clinical trials lack sufficient representation of racial and ethnic minorities, women, and those of lower education and socioeconomic status. Greater Gift works with non-profit and faith-based organizations as well as trusted community leaders who serve marginalized populations in order to:

Create opportunities for dialogue to build trust.

Support more diversity in research.

Address health disparities.


Increase access to healthcare by promoting clinical research as an opportunity to access medical care for specific disease states.

Clinical trials need diverse participants in
order to have medicines, treatments, and
medical devices that work for everyone.

Greater Gift in Action

Greater Gift Group in Houston

Houston, Texas

Greater Gift partnered with CRECEN, a community-based organization that responds to the needs of Central Americans and other immigrants in Houston, Texas, to distribute educational materials about clinical research at CRECEN’s partnered free clinics and other Hispanic-led businesses and organizations.

Woman and girl holding equity in research sign


In the southern Georgia communities of Savannah, Albany, and Thomasville, Greater Gift teamed up with Feeding the Valley Food Bank to distribute clinical research resources through their senior pantry program boxes. A segment about it aired on the Savannah morning news, fostering engagement with community members who wanted to know more about research studies in the area.

Greater gift group in North Carolina

North Carolina

Greater Gift joined the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina, Hispanic League, StarMed, The Twenty LLC, and Union Baptist Church to hand out both Spanish and English educational materials about clinical research and the severity of RSV in older adults, giving community members the opportunity to engage with researchers in their own neighborhoods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Greater Gift partners with community organizations that work with historically marginalized populations to introduce them to clinical research, provide them with opportunities for increased access to health care, and build bridges of trust.

Greater Gift welcomes the opportunity to meet with organizational leaders and provide information about how clinical research can benefit your clients. Contact info@greatergift.org

See our library of resources to select from a variety of information that will benefit your clients or business partners.

Become a clinical research advocate by partnering with Greater Gift by:

Making a donation to celebrate your clinical trial participants.

Scheduling an opportunity for Greater Gift to do a "lunch and learn" with your medical providers or staff.

Greater Gift works with all types of clinical research industry leaders to establish networks of non-profit advocates in communities where research is being conducted. Contact us to learn more.

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