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Traditionally, people in clinical trials have had the opportunity to help themselves through access to experimental treatments and to enjoy the reward of potentially helping future patients if the drug, device or therapy being tested proves to be safe and effective. However, by celebrating these volunteers and increasing patient engagement in clinical trials there is an opportunity to make a bigger impact.

Today, through Greater Gift, there is a third, more immediate benefit. For each person involved in a clinical trial with one of our partner organizations, Greater Gift will provide a potentially life-saving vaccine or a life-enhancing meal to a child in need. It’s our way of honoring the heroic work clinical trial contributors (patients and research professionals) play in advancing medicine.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to highlight the heroic work of clinical trial participation and increase patient engagement in clinical trials by gifting a child in need with a potentially life-saving vaccine or a life-enhancing meal in honor of every clinical trial volunteer and every clinical research professional who make advancing global health possible.

Since 2010, Greater Gift has donated over 111,000 vaccines and meals to children in need, worldwide, as a way to give back and thank the volunteers and professionals who participate in clinical trials. But there is more work to be done.

Our vision is to donate over 300,000 gifts by 2020 while thanking the clinical trial participants and contributors who make medicine possible. You too can make our vision possible. Donate today.

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