Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to increase awareness of clinical research, especially among underrepresented communities, to improve global health for everyone.

Greater Gift began in 2010 to provide a solution for challenges facing the clinical research community. Greater Gift believes that by elevating the role that the patient volunteer plays in the clinical trial process, we can expedite innovative new therapies that solve global health problems.

The urgency of clinical trials and their impact on global health touched the world when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. Greater Gift "pays it forward" by celebrating thousands of clinical trial participants and making donations in their honor of vaccines and meals to children in need. That's why we celebrate clinical trial participants with a certificate and donation. Donate today.

The Challenge 

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The Solution

  • Since 2010, Greater Gift has partnered with the life science community to celebrate 130,000 clinical trial volunteers and doubled the impact of their participation by donating a vaccine or meal in their honor to a child in need.
  • Greater Gift develops partnerships with clinicians and community-based organizations serving the under/uninsured to build bridges with historically marginalized populations. We introduce them to clinical research to address health disparities.
  • We recognize that clinical research is an option to increase access to health care – especially for those with chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Through partnerships with community-based organizations serving the under/uninsured, Greater Gift advocates for CRAACO (Clinical Research as a Care Option).

Get Involved

  • Greater Gift partners with the life science community and nonprofit agencies to build bridges between research and the general public.
  • Through our celebration program, we provide patient engagement, retention & recruitment strategies for our partners
  • Our celebration program also provides partners with an opportunity to amplify their Social Responsibly culture by celebrating vendors, clients, and employees.
  • Greater Gift is building bridges by creating opportunities for dialog between the research community and minorities to build trust. Find out how you can help by contacting Lilly Skok Bunch at lbunch@greatergift.org.

How did this idea start?

Celebration. Collaboration. Clinical Research.

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