PopUp Star

Raising Awareness
At the Community Level

Research Heroes - Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Research Heroes – Winston-Salem, North Carolina

PopUp Star began in 2017 as an international competition aimed at raising awareness for the importance of clinical trial participation at the community level. Through industry sponsorships, diverse teams design, plan and host their novel clinical research awareness event. The teams in the PopUp Star competition help us as an industry foster innovation and learning at a greater level and show how we might implement new strategies to raise awareness in diverse communities.

All are involved in PopUp Star including research professionals, patients, advocacy groups, non-profits, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and service providers. Bringing the masses together, under one umbrella truly ignites awareness which has led to higher participation in clinical trials.

Event Highlights

Aurora Adventurers - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Aurora Adventurers – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Northwell Revolution - Harlem, New York
Northwell Revolution – Harlem, New York

Clinical research awareness and participation happen when we all do our part

How can I be a part of PopUp Star?

Become A Sponsor

The PopUp Star competition would not be possible without the companies who make it thrive. Visit the PopUp Star website to learn more about sponsorship and contact a Greater Gift team member to get connected TODAY and see how your company can be showcased throughout the competition.

Submit a Team

Consider getting togher a group of your colleagues, volunteers, and patients to further research awareness right where you are. You may have an opportunity to bring your novel awareness event to life.

Be A Judge

We believe PopUp Star is about innovation and learning but there is a winner of the competition. Follow the journey of PopUp Star through the Greater Gift newsletter and on PopUp Star social media to learn about events that might be local to your community. 

Get Connected

Contact the Greater Gift team to learn more about PopUp Star.

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