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The Hero’s Journey™ Art project is a collaboration initiated by Eli Lilly and Company and the clinical trial community to honor clinical trial participants and raise awareness for the importance of participation. Lilly commissioned artist John Magnan to build crowd sourced sculptures to call attention to the importance of clinical research and launch a unique means of connecting and sharing clinical research stories. Patients, caregivers, physicians and scientists shared their thoughts and feelings about clinical research through personalized wooden “bricks”. More than 1,000 of these decorated wooden bricks were used to form three Hero’s Journey™ Art sculptures.

“Departure”, one of three sculptures within the Hero's Journey™ Art project, has been gifted to Greater Gift by Lilly and located in Winston-Salem.

“Hero's Journey™ Art is more than just a sculpture. It is a symbol in our industry and community that brings people together centered around the importance of clinical research participation."

Where can you find Hero's Journey™ Art sculptures?


"Departure" is the first sculpture of the Hero's Journey™ Art project, which is located at Biotech Place in Winston-Salem, NC.


"Initiation" is the second sculpture in the Hero's Journey™ Art project, and is currently located at The Cancer Center in Indianapolis, IN.


"Return" is the third sculpture in the Hero's Journey™ Art project is currently and is located at The Benton in Winston-Salem, NC.

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