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Celebrating Superheroes

What if, for each person who volunteered in a clinical trial, that person was celebrated for their contribution to science? Greater Gift makes that possible.

We recognize the critical role volunteers play in the development of newer, safer, and more effective treatments that fight illness and diseases. Thanks to partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, and other partners in the research ecosystem, Greater Gift is able to celebrate clinical trial participants and double their impact by honoring them with a donation.

Partnership Success Stories

Over the last 12 years, Greater Gift has celebrated patients, site staff, physicians, and other clinical trial contributors through our program. Below are examples of unique partnerships that have resulted in improved retention, recruitment, and engagement for patients and leaders in the industry.

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"At OptiNose, we were enrolling patients for a challenging study that was difficult to find appropriate patients that met the criteria for the study.  To honor the hard work of our site staff, we partnered with Greater Gift to encourage our staff. After rolling out the Greater Gift program at OptiNose to honor our site staff, screening numbers rose 34% over the prior month."


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"We presented the Greater Gift certificate to a patient enrolled in one of our ophthalmology trials and he was so moved that a child in need would have access to a mobile eye clinic.  He knows firsthand how important free mobile eye clinics are for people who don't have access to quality healthcare.  This patient's eye disease was diagnosed on a free mobile health clinic and how he is able to give back to someone else in need."



"Through the COVID-19 Community Research Partnership, non-profit organizations in the North Carolina Triad assembled to ensure minorities were well represented in a symptom-tracking study.  The study required participants to log daily symptom surveys.  To encourage participation, donations were promised to local charities when survey benchmarks were reached. This was a great retention strategy for our study and we saw increased engagement when donations were made."

Research Partners Who Celebrate

Clinical trial participants are vital to the advancement of new medicines, treatments, and devices. That's why Greater Gift partners with research companies (Sponsors, CRO's, IRO's, etc.) and other organizations with a shared passion for patient-centered and representative research.

Because you participate in research, Greater Gift doubles your impact by providing gifts to children in need.

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Clinical Trial Volunteers Celebrated


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Meals and Vaccines Donated to Children in Need

If you're a patient who has been celebrated by Greater Gift
share your clinical research story with us.

How We Honor Clinical Trial Participants

Whenever someone makes the selfless decision to volunteer for a clinical trial, it is cause to celebrate. Greater Gift honors those volunteers willing to participate in a clinical trial by providing life-saving meals and vaccines to children in need, because we believe one good deed deserves another. With the power of celebration, Greater Gift is helping to elevate the patient's vital role in clinical research and make an even healthier world.

Meet our two partnered non-profits we support to honor clinical trial participants:

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Every year almost 2 million children die of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Greater Gift partners with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to provide funding for vaccines to honor clinical trial volunteers. Greater Gift currently focuses its contributions on the pentavalent vaccine, which combines five different vaccines in a single vial. This vaccine is integral to supporting the Zero-Dose Child Strategy.

Pentavalent protects against five diseases:

-Haemophilus Influenzae Type B (Hib)
-Hepatitis B
-Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
-Haemophilus Influenzae Type B (Hib)

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Families face hunger in communities across our country every day, including over 12 million children. The difference a nutritious meal makes in the life of a child is profound. It can change a child’s future.

That is why Greater Gift focuses its contributions to Feeding America. The Feeding America programs have provided children with nutritious and easy to prepare food for the weekends and school breaks - whether in backpacks or mobile food pantries.

For every clinical trial participant celebrated, a child in need receives meals through a Feeding America Program.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Clinical trial volunteers can be celebrated by anyone or any organization - medical offices, CROs, sponsors.  Contact Greater Gift at info@greatergift.org to learn how.

As a part of our partnerships, Greater Gift creates co-branded certificates (printed or electronic) to present to patients that outline that they are being celebrated with a donation in their honor. 

YES! Greater Gift has the capacity to translate our certificate celebrations into any language and can provide our partner with translation authenticity. Greater Gift has worked in over 25 countries around the globe since 2010.

Yes.  Our partners submit our certificate for IRB approval as a part of the process.  To date, we have 100% success rate with IRB approval.

Greater Gift partners with sponsors, CROs and other industry leaders to celebrate clinical trial participants and the life science industry. See our partners.

For each patient celebrated, part of the donation is gifted to one of our partners (Feeding America or Gavi) for the gift of meals or vaccines to children in need.  The rest of the donation supports Greater Gift's outreach programs and minority engagement work.

No.  When Greater Gift partners with a sponsor or CRO, Greater Gift never has access to patient health information.  All certificates are sent (electronically or mailed) directly to the research site and given by staff to participating patients.

Hear from Patient Celebrants



"I enrolled in the COVID trial for others in my community to be safe and was honored with a donation to the food bank in my own community."



"Just a little bit of my time is required in the RSV study and look what happens - a kid gets a food backpack. That’s a win-win in my book!"

Perla Nunes headshot 2020 - Copy

Perla Nunes

"I participated in the COVID vaccine trial to help be a part of the solution. I was honored by a donation to a child in need in my community all because I participated in clinical research."

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We welcome the opportunity to celebrate your clinical trial patients and look for innovative partnerships. Let us know how we can support your clinical trial patients and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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