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Clinical trials are not new to the medical community, researchers have been conducting them for years. But as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, clinical trials have come into the spotlight, revealing the challenges hampering their progress and success, most notably:

▶  Only about 1% of the US population would consider participating in a clinical trial.

▶  Minority populations are vastly underrepresented in clinical research.

▶  50% of Americans are under or uninsured, without access to quality healthcare, and could access care through clinical research at reduced or no cost.

Greater Gift works to tackle these challenges by:

▶  Celebrating clinical trial volunteers. Greater Gift doubles a volunteer's impact by donating to a nonprofit in their honor, highlighting the vital role they play in advancing new medications, treatments, and devices.

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▶  Developing partnerships with community-based organizations that serve historically marginalized populations to address health disparities, inform communities about opportunities offered by clinical research and the importance of representative research.


▶  Bridging the gap between the clinical research industry and the non-profit community. Greater Gift engages community health leaders and clinicians that serve uninsured/underinsured individuals to increase access to specialty care through clinical trials.

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Greater Gift works together with both the research industry and nonprofit community to increase awareness of the role we all play in clinical research in order to have better healthcare for everyone.

To learn more about how our programs help advance clinical research or to become a partner, contact us today.

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