Corporate Social Responsibility

Greater Gift strives to be the charity of choice for all of those involved in the clinical research enterprise.


Supporting our unique mission helps you achieve your corporate giving objectives. But supporting Greater Gift can also assist with your business goals because of our efforts to educate the public about the value of clinical research, promote clinical research as a care option, and broaden participation in clinical trials.

Whether you are passionate about clinical research, a concerned health care provider, or someone involved in philanthropy with an interest in global health, Greater Gift provides an excellent platform for your charitable giving.

We all benefit from the research that goes into developing new treatments and therapies, and we all strive for a healthier world where people have an opportunity to live up to their full potential.

Why Get Involved

If you are a Clinical Research Site

If your company is currently engaged in clinical research, Greater Gift provides an excellent way to reward clinical trial participants while helping to grow awareness of clinical trials. We strive to be the charity of choice for the clinical research community.

If you are a Health System or Provider

If you are a health system or provider, partnering with Greater Gift provides a mechanism for you to differentiate your organization and build patient loyalty as you expand your research focus.

If you are a Foundation or Corporation

If you are a foundation or corporation with an interest in global health, Greater Gift provides an excellent platform to make an impact and achieve your charitable objectives.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Greater Gift fits into your giving philosophy.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our officers.