What’s Your Story?

By Amanda Wright | June 15, 2018

Throughout history, storytelling has been a prominent mechanism of communicating information across cultures. Increasingly, storytelling is used to communicate messages related to health and even more recently to convey the importance of clinical trial participation. Whether the story is from a patient or a professional who is contributing to the advancement of medicine, the expression…

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Magnitude of Gratitude: Gratefulness

By Jennifer Byrne | May 25, 2018

The common denominator in every aspect of this article series is the patient. Every patient, healthcare consumer and clinical research participant is part of a community, a community of our family members, friends, neighbors and countless others. They are the reasons doctors, scientists and researchers put on their white coats every day, spend countless hours…

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Magnitude of Gratitude: The Face of Clinical Research

By Amanda Wright | May 23, 2018

Much of my early career was spent as a Clinical Research Coordinator. Myself and the rest of the study staff were responsible for ensuring the trials that came to our site were conducted ethically, the data was collected and the patient experience was positive. Through the world of Clinical Research Coordinators, great strides are made…

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Magnitude of Gratitude: Providing Service to the Clinical Research Ecosystem

By Kevonna Hayes | May 22, 2018

As a child, I enjoyed playing with pinwheels, running through our backyard with my favorite cousin on a warm spring day—stretching out my arm and watching the wheel turn by the wind. Reflecting back to those days as an adult, I now see how much they resemble turbines (windmills). The blades on the turbines use…

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Magnitude of Gratitude: Your HEALTH is in their CARE

By Kevonna Hayes | May 14, 2018

The ability to measure a patient’s experience across their entire network of care is an important factor to most, if not all, healthcare organizations. The healthcare organization can be a large hospital system, a private practice, nursing home or even a clinic. Healthcare organizations are moving toward a new era where patients are center and…

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Lack of Standardization Hinders Clinical Trial Workforce Opportunities

By Kevonna Hayes | May 14, 2018

This blog was originally published by Michael Causey from ACRP. Standardization and high-quality training are keys to recruiting and retaining more principal investigators (PIs) for running clinical trials, according to panelists at the Clinical Trial Collaborations conference in Cambridge, Mass., on April 11. Luckily, the tools are available today. “This is a very encouraging time,”…

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Magnitude of Gratitude: From Healing Hands to the Patient

By Amanda Wright | May 9, 2018

An astonishing 42% of providers have experienced burn out at some point during their career1. Burn out usually occurs when one does not feel valued or they experience disconnections with patients because of lack of time. If you really take a look at why providers get into the business of care, you will find they…

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Magnitude of Gratitude: From Novel Concept to the Patient

By Jennifer Byrne | May 7, 2018

Active, eager, and determined are just a few words to describe the numerous contributors who reside under the pharmaceutical company umbrella. The numerous contributors include scientists, engineers, leaders, patient enthusiasts, researchers and many more. High cost of drugs and the lengthy process to get medicines to market has often painted the pharmaceutical industry in a…

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Magnitude of Gratitude: At the Core of Greater Gift

By Amanda Wright | May 3, 2018

At the core of our organization is celebration and gratitude for the many individuals who make medical advancement accessible and possible for all through clinical research. Whether a trial participant or professional, there are many people sacrificing their time and working countless hours to develop new medicines so others – like our families, children, colleagues…

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By Amanda Wright | April 5, 2018

Welcome to the Greater Gift Blog! Our blog will give us a unique opportunity to share with you all things clinical research, while offering us a place to interact with our Greater Gift family, supporters, and followers. If you’re curious about what you can expect from our blog, read on. As we continue to advocate…

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