Show More Love

By Kevonna Hayes | February 11, 2019

Thank you. Two simple words separately but when combined they are deeply meaningful. Who doesn’t love to feel appreciated or receive a note as an expression of someone’s gratitude toward you? At times, saying thank you can be overlooked. We can easily assume that we don’t need to go out of our way to show…

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The Power of Partnership

By Kevonna Hayes | December 21, 2018

Founder of Greater Gift, Jennifer Byrne, once wrote about The Law of the Compounding Penny. Her mom asked her, “Would you rather have $1 million instantly or over the next 30 days would you rather have a penny doubled?” When you sit down to do the math you see how one penny compounds into over…

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The Pay It Forward Effect

By Kevonna Hayes | December 3, 2018

My favorite warm beverage is a hot apple cider or pumpkin spice latte. Perfect for this time of year. As I reflect on memories surrounding some of my favorite drinks, foods, people and moments, I often think back to the time my favorite warm beverage was free. In fact, as I was pulling my car…

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Returning to Hero’s Journey™ Art

By Kevonna Hayes | November 9, 2018

Today marks one year since the sculpture, Return, made its mark on the city of Winston-Salem, N.C. Return, along with two other sculptures, is a collaborative expression that raises awareness for the importance of clinical trial participation, and honors the participants who have been a vital part of medical advancement. Eli Lilly and Company and…

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The Science Behind Gratitude

By Kevonna Hayes | October 12, 2018

We can easily forget amongst the hustle and bustle of life to take a few moments to give thanks and express our gratitude to those around us. This time of year is especially known as a season of giving and gratitude where we consciously reflect on all we are thankful for. It is nice to…

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Thyroid Cancer Awareness

By Kevonna Hayes | September 7, 2018

Written by guest blogger, Sydney Beason September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness month. Over 50,000 people are diagnosed with Thyroid cancer every year, and Thyroid Cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women. The statistics are important, but the 50,000 stories are much more transformative. In 2017, I was one of those 50,000 new cases.…

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Value of Immunization

By Kevonna Hayes | August 30, 2018

Written by guest blogger, Sydney Beason What would a world without vaccines look like? As a young child, I grew up going to the doctor every year for a checkup and receiving a few shots followed by a sticker because I was brave. At the time, I was so focused on the sticker and the…

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The Value of an Internship

By Kevonna Hayes | August 14, 2018

Written by guest blogger, Sydney Beason As my summer internship comes to an end at Greater Gift and I transition into my first year of college at Furman University, I can now spend some time reflecting on my time as the Program Coordinator Intern. The reflection is a process that is just beginning, and the…

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The Future of Clinical Research Lies Within Our Youth

By Kevonna Hayes | July 26, 2018

This past Tuesday, Greater Gift had the opportunity to make an impression on young, curious summer campers about the importance of clinical trials and giving back. Summit School of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, brought a group of middle school summer campers to tour and learn about the Innovation Quarter and broaden their perspective of our community…

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Embedding Clinical Research into the Continuum of Care

By Amanda Wright | July 3, 2018

Editors Note: This article was originally published by ACRP Clinical research is the frontline of medical innovation. Through research projects, scientists and physicians make medical breakthroughs that directly impact the lives of patients and their families. However, what many patients and physicians don’t realize is that when clinical research is integrated into the continuum of…

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