Stories of Impact


Pastor Javon

"A few years ago, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. For five years I couldn’t do anything for myself, including walk, and I was actually paralyzed on my right side.

I was initially introduced to clinical trials by my doctor. I must admit, I was extremely hesitant at first and I didn’t believe in clinical research but all I knew was that I wanted a chance to live. A huge factor in my hesitation was that I was fearful of the unknown and anxious about the process. I went home after the conversation with my doctor and prayed about it. It took me about a week before I decided to participate. My clinical trial took place over a 7-month period in Denver, Colorado.

I believe going through my clinical trial made a difference. It helped me. In my trial, they taught me how to walk again, be independent, and gave me hope each day. On a weekly basis, I knew I was going to see my clinical trial family who empowered me to keep going. During my time at the hospital, I met two people who chose not to go through a clinical trial and didn’t survive. Not to say it is because they did not go through a clinical trial that they did not survive, but I do believe participation could have made a difference in their life and in the lives of others. I am thankful it gave me the chance to live.

I am in great health. I feel good. I am living. I’m living the best life I can live. I didn’t let a sickness take me down. I give thanks to God and clinical research. There was one point in time I could not do anything. I was dependent on people for 5 years to do everything for me, but now I do everything on my own. I’m truly grateful.

Clinical trials are needed. In the future, when people hear clinical trials, I don’t want them to be fearful as I once was. I want the tone associated with clinical research to be excited at the possibility of another opportunity. Clinical trials provide people with so much more than they can imagine, and I want the brand of clinical trials to be more positive."

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