Impact of Clinical Research Participants


 I Participate Because...

The medical progress clinical trials create could not be possible without the people who selflessly choose to participate in them. Those who connect volunteers with clinical trials are just as heroic as they work to make sure access to clinical trials is more equitable.

When volunteers participate, public health issues, like COVID-19, are solved and volunteers have access to quality healthcare. Not only can your health benefit from clinical research, but the health of your friends, family, and countless other individuals.

Here are some of their stories:



"I enrolled in the COVID-19 clinical trial for others in my community to be safe."



"I have participated in research for years. I learn so much about my own health and have a more participating role in my care, all while helping create better health care solutions for future generations."



"Without clinical trials, we have no drugs and today we depend on drugs to balance our imperfect systems in our flesh."


Michelle and Lilly

"I live in the rare disease world. Lots of changes have taken place getting drugs through the approval process quicker for rare diseases."



"My hope is that clinical trials remain a source of hope and build confidence in others and that there is more of an opportunity to participate. Clinical trials are needed."



"My hope would be that we wouldn’t need
any more clinical trials because we have
found cures for everything."

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