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Children 5-11 Can now get the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Los niños de 5 a 11 años ahora pueden vacunarse

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Clinical Trials, the Heart and Soul of Science


Importance of Diversity in Research

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Why racial and geographic diversity of investigators matter

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Clinical trial diversity: It’s time to quit talking and start doing

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BIPOC representation essential in vaccine clinical trials

Press Releases

Pharmaceutical Business Conference Group Partners with Greater Gift to Expand Vaccine Donation Programme

August 24, 2023

  London, United Kingdom – 23rd August 2023 – Pharmaceutical Business Conference Group, a specialist events organiser dedicated to creating meaningful clinical trial conferences in the pharmaceutical and biotech space,…

North Texas Clinical Trials and Greater Gift to Celebrate Clinical Trial Participants

June 14, 2022

WINSTON SALEM, NC – June 10 – 2021 – North Texas Clinical Trials (NTXCT) and Greater Gift announced today a new partnership that will aim to improve patient engagement and…

Talaris Therapeutics and Greater Gift to Celebrate Clinical Trial Participants

April 20, 2022

WINSTON SALEM, NC – April 20 , 2022 – Talaris Therapeutics (Talaris), which is developing a new approach to induce immune tolerance in organ transplant recipients as well as patients…

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