Clinical Trial Awareness Happens When We All Do Our Part: Welcome the 2019 PopUp Star Teams

At any given point in our lives, we or our loved ones may need medicine, therapeutic treatment, or surgery. Those medicines, therapies and surgical interventions are not possible without the rigorous testing that occurs through clinical trials. Without people volunteering for clinical trials, medical needs cannot be effectively met.

Future generations will benefit due to patients making the important decision to participate in a clinical trial. A wise person once said, “You can’t change what you don’t know.” If you don’t have knowledge, or even awareness, about the importance or benefits of participating in research, then you may be missing an opportunity to be part of creating a healthier world.

To begin bringing change to this space, Greater Gift has partnered with ACRP to bring clinical trial awareness to the forefront of many communities with a goal of changing the landscape of clinical trial participation through the PopUp Star competition.

PopUp Star is an industry sponsored competition coordinated by Greater Gift and industry leaders, designed to generate awareness of clinical trials, promote the importance of participating in clinical trials, and engage diverse stakeholders in conversations across many communities about clinical research. Through PopUp Star events, teams will devise innovative strategies to promote and elevate the message of clinical trial participation.

“Each of the twelve teams in the 2019 competition are highly committed to bringing clinical research to their communities in innovative ways. Active engagement across and within our communities is a critical initiative to advance participation in clinical trials,” said Amanda Wright, Executive Director of Greater Gift.

You can find PopUp Star clinical research events happening in the following cities:

Do your part by finding an event near you, share with your network of friends and family, and take the opportunity to learn more about clinical research. For more about PopUp Star, visit or on Facebook at

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