The Power of Partnership

Founder of Greater Gift, Jennifer Byrne, once wrote about The Law of the Compounding Penny. Her mom asked her, “Would you rather have $1 million instantly or over the next 30 days would you rather have a penny doubled?” When you sit down to do the math you see how one penny compounds into over $5 million dollars in 30 days.

While the investment starts off small the return is significant. This same concept can be translated far beyond monetary values but into clinical trial participation, donations and even partnerships. What if we substitute that one penny with one clinical trial participant, one donation or one partner, that doubled every day for a month?

ClinX, the parent company of ClinEdge, BTC Network and Guidestar, will be taking their partnership with Greater Gift to new heights. Embodying the Law of the Compounding Penny, ClinX will be launching the ClinX 2k 2019 Campaign to encourage partners and clients to join them in making a difference, one person, one company and one cause at a time. The campaign’s goals are 3-fold:

  1. Raise awareness for the importance of celebration and gratitude in clinical research through Greater Gift by celebrating at least 2,000 clinical trial contributors
  2. Donate at least 2,000 vaccines
  3. Make an impact in the lives of at least 2,000 children in need

Throughout the ClinX 2k 2019 Campaign, ClinX will be encouraging their partners and clients to help them reach their goal of donating 2,000 vaccines during the 2019 calendar year. “Bringing our partners together to join us in this campaign will have significant value not just to an organization we support, like Greater Gift, but for the greater good. Celebration and gratitude are much needed in the industry and we are proud to be a trailblazer in the first year-long campaign with Greater Gift,” said Joan Chambers, Vice President of Marketing at ClinX.

Partners and clients of ClinX will be able to decide on how they want to make impact and be a part of the campaign. “That is the power of partnership to us. One partner takes an idea and transforms it to something much larger engaging other stakeholders in advancing the compounding effect for ultimate impact. We are excited to embark on this campaign with ClinX and eager to see their impact multiply,” said Greater Gift Executive Director, Amanda Wright.

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