Embedding Clinical Research into the Continuum of Care

Editors Note: This article was originally published by ACRP

Clinical research is the frontline of medical innovation. Through research projects, scientists and physicians make medical breakthroughs that directly impact the lives of patients and their families. However, what many patients and physicians don’t realize is that when clinical research is integrated into the continuum of patient care, it represents a valuable care option.

When patient volunteers participate in clinical research, they get access to leading-edge research treatments or devices, generally at no cost, and a network of healthcare providers who are focused on making sure their overall experience is positive, and meets the highest quality medical standards. Such care excellence is a critical component of the clinical research experience for a patient volunteer. Study leaders are deeply invested in each participant, and go to great lengths to ensure trial volunteers adhere to strict care protocols. That translates to greater adherence, and often results in patients, as healthcare consumers, being more educated and invested in their care.

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