Magnitude of Gratitude: Your HEALTH is in their CARE

The ability to measure a patient’s experience across their entire network of care is an important factor to most, if not all, healthcare organizations. The healthcare organization can be a large hospital system, a private practice, nursing home or even a clinic. Healthcare organizations are moving toward a new era where patients are center and their quality of care is a priority.

Formerly, working in sleep medicine, I had the opportunity to be on the delivering and receiving end of experiencing what patient-centric care was like. Rob, my patient, was referred to our practice after having a life-saving heart surgery. He was nervous to be in an unfamiliar place, and to be out of the comfort of his home for overnight monitoring in a sleep study.

After hearing Rob express his concerns, I immediately went into action by putting myself in his shoes. I thought, How would I want my first experience to be in a sleep study given my anxious feelings but knowing this was important to my health? Second, I made sure I was thorough in my explanation of the process as well as answering questions he had throughout the sleep study. Lastly, showing quality care for me meant listening to his story and showing gratitude toward him for being brave enough to face the unknown; to better understand his health status at the time. Before he left the next day, he actually gave me a hug and thanked me for making the experience painless.

Can you guess what Rob did the following week? He marched into the office, walked up to the front desk and demanded to speak to the office manager. He told her how the care he received during his sleep study was far better than he could have imagined and was thankful for the “young lady” being so patient with him. His experience was so positive that he recommended to his wife that she should consider a sleep study as well.

That is the magnitude of not only quality care but of gratitude. The healthcare system is overflowing with hundreds of stories like these. Staff, nurses, and physicians are changing the lives of the patients they encounter. The patients are changing the healthcare providers lives at the same time by showing their gratitude.

To this day, I carry this story and many others with me as a reminder why I became a part of the healthcare ecosystem in my early career–to change lives through quality care and gratitude.

If you are a physician, nurse, patient or work with a healthcare organization, share with us how an individual has made an impact in your life or your health.

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