Magnitude of Gratitude: The Face of Clinical Research

Much of my early career was spent as a Clinical Research Coordinator. Myself and the rest of the study staff were responsible for ensuring the trials that came to our site were conducted ethically, the data was collected and the patient experience was positive. Through the world of Clinical Research Coordinators, great strides are made in clinical research where evidence of medical advances are uncovered during trials.

One of my favorite stories working at the site level isn’t about a trial I worked on or how my team accomplished our goals; it is about a patient who did not see the inside of a trial. While at first glance, many may think this may have ended badly, but even to my surprise it turned out to be a positive experience for him. This particular patient had enrolled in a number of trials and failed to qualify. In other words, he was not able to enroll in trials because he did not meet the criteria to be a participant. At this point, and after constantly hearing “you don’t fit”, he was frustrated and felt rejected. This patient even vowed he would never come back. Because at this point, what would make him want to continue to seek clinical trials if he wasn’t feeling accepted? It wasn’t until the patient was presented with a Greater Gift certificate, and that study coordinator said, “Because of your INTENT to enroll in a trial, we have donated a vaccine in your name”, did his face change from frustration to joy. It wasn’t until the Coordinator made that meaningful connection with the patient that he began to understand that there was greater meaning and purpose of his efforts.

For us at Greater Gift, that is the magnitude of gratitude and the impact we strive to spread far and wide.

There is so much magnitude in expressing gratitude to the Coordinators who make the experiences of patients in clinical trials meaningful. They not only strive to enhance drug development but to enhance the perceptions and experiences of clinical trial participants.

If you are a trial participant or Clinical Research Coordinator, share with us your experience.

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