Magnitude of Gratitude: Providing Service to the Clinical Research Ecosystem

As a child, I enjoyed playing with pinwheels, running through our backyard with my favorite cousin on a warm spring day—stretching out my arm and watching the wheel turn by the wind. Reflecting back to those days as an adult, I now see how much they resemble turbines (windmills). The blades on the turbines use the wind to generate electricity through renewable energy. It is what we as consumers do not often see as a contributing factor to our electricity that in fact, truly makes a difference in our lives, businesses and environment.

Much like the wind pushing the blades on the turbine to produce electricity, service providers who support the clinical research “turbine” keep the clinical research ecosystem going. Their products, services and talents affect the lives of millions of patients and businesses daily. Without the service providers we would not be where we are today with clinical research awareness, patient engagement or trial analytics. They are a group that is often unseen (like the wind) but has significant impact in the industry. For this, they deserve the utmost gratitude for delivering high quality support, better approaches in research and more ways to share or exchange data to enhance trials.

When you are logging into to your electronic medical record system or watching an advertisement on television about a trial, remember those who make all this possible.

If you are a service provider or utilize a service provider for your business, share with us how an individual (or company) has made an impact.


Kevonna Hayes, Senior Program Coordinator

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