Magnitude of Gratitude: From Novel Concept to the Patient

Active, eager, and determined are just a few words to describe the numerous contributors who reside under the pharmaceutical company umbrella. The numerous contributors include scientists, engineers, leaders, patient enthusiasts, researchers and many more. High cost of drugs and the lengthy process to get medicines to market has often painted the pharmaceutical industry in a negative light. Consequently, this has led to distrust and disconnection for healthcare consumers with pharmaceutical companies. What we know from those who make up the pharmaceutical industry is if you peel back the layers, you will begin to unveil the people who conceive, create and deliver your insulin for diabetes, your husband’s heart medication and even your child’s allergy pill, and how medicine goes from initial development to your counter top at home.

These individuals may likely be part of your everyday life. Actually, they are right next to you – in the line at the grocery store, at the park playground, or even the seat beside you on a plane. What if we peel back the layers far enough to see the clinical trial contributors that are advancing medicines and treatments within the pharmaceutical companies? We will find relentless researchers who believe a cure or much needed treatment is possible.  We will find persistent scientists who work tirelessly to ensure the world is a healthier place for all.

What if we, as healthcare consumers, take the opportunity to initiate gratitude and appreciation as the consumer to those who study, train and work to make us healthier contributors to our families and society? The #MagnitudeofGratitude would be unmatched and the significance of this gesture will be everlasting.

Gratitude doesn’t just stop there. As pharmaceutical researchers devote their life’s work to ensure there are better medications for a better future for all, their work is highly dependent upon the clinical trial participants who make it possible for treatments to reach the market.

While these groups of people may not directly interact, there is an unspoken connection that should not be overlooked.  As a healthcare consumer, next time you take your medication, whether prescription or over the counter, take the opportunity to tell us why you are thankful for the pharmaceutical professionals who work every day to ensure you have the treatments you need.  As a pharmaceutical professional, what would you like to say to the patients who make it possible for your work to be reach the hands of consumers in need?  Take the opportunity to thank the patients who are the recipients of your work including the trial participants that make it possible, let us know why they are important to you.


Jennifer Byrne, President and Founder of Greater Gift


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