Magnitude of Gratitude: From Healing Hands to the Patient

An astonishing 42% of providers have experienced burn out at some point during their career1. Burn out usually occurs when one does not feel valued or they experience disconnections with patients because of lack of time. If you really take a look at why providers get into the business of care, you will find they wish to serve others, deliver mechanisms that promote better health, and learn more exciting ways to provide the best healthcare to their patients.

Just as providers want more time with their patients, patients want more time with their providers. Specifically, patients want to have the opportunity to have discussions with their providers about clinical trials. In a survey by CISCRP, 58% of respondents reported wanting to receive information about trials through their providers, a trusted source. This data alone has significant magnitude in helping providers understand that there is great value in the work they do, and patients in return want more time with them to have discussions about their health and learn about options for better health.

Although it may not always seem like it on the surface to the provider, they are making a difference in thousands of lives, one person at a time, on a daily basis. They not only save lives, treat illnesses, and deliver high quality care, but they are the ones at the forefront of your loved one’s, co-worker’s and friend’s health experience. There is great magnitude in the provider/patient relationship that does not go unnoticed. Our gratitude comes from recognizing all the long days they work to ensure the patient’s health needs are met through constant care and diligence to drive better health in the lives of all those they encounter.

As healthcare consumers, providers play a vital role in our quality of life. The next time you visit your provider, take the opportunity to tell them why you are thankful, and share with us why you are thankful for your providers. As a provider, what would you like to say to the patients who add fulfillment to your daily work? Take an opportunity to thank the patients, including trial participants, who are the reason you do what you do daily. Let us know why they are important to you.

Amanda Wright, Executive Director of Greater Gift


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