Magnitude of Gratitude: At the Core of Greater Gift

At the core of our organization is celebration and gratitude for the many individuals who make medical advancement accessible and possible for all through clinical research. Whether a trial participant or professional, there are many people sacrificing their time and working countless hours to develop new medicines so others – like our families, children, colleagues and friends – can have hope. But we ask ourselves constantly and are asking you now, have we adequately expressed gratitude for their contribution? While we have learned through our work and experience that a simple Thank You has the ability to impact with magnitude, it deserves a closer look.

Significant magnitude results from expressing gratitude to the many stakeholders who make medical advancement through clinical research possible for us all. Throughout this 7-part series, we will to take a closer look into the value of the #MagnitudeOfGratitude with patients, pharma, providers, healthcare organizations, service providers, and clinical research site personnel…collectively, the ones who make a healthier world a reality.


Amanda Wright, Executive Director of Greater Gift


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