Pop, Pop, Popup Star!

When most people hear of clinical research they may not immediately think of themselves as a factor in advancing medicine. It is only when they are exposed to clinical trials do they recognize the importance of clinical research. What we need is increased awareness long before consideration and commitment to a clinical trial.

Greater Gift, in partnership with industry leading innovators have recognized a need and developed a mechanism to identify potential solutions – the #PopupStar Competition! Popup Star aims to be an important catalyst for creative, community-based initiatives in clinical research and emphasizes how one person can be an important factor. Teams comprised of diverse contributors will launch concepts through events during the first 10 days in April and one team will be “crowned” the Popup Star Champion!

We are excited to have many wonderful contributors from all over the world participating in the competition. Welcome to our teams!

  • ACT – Sydney, Australia
  • Medical Research South – Charleston, SC
  • Op-Ed Patient Engagement – New York City, NY
  • Reify Cares – Boston, MA
  • Research Heroes – Winston-Salem, NC
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