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Popup Star is a contest designed to inspire the creation of unique clinical trial awareness events developed by all stakeholders in healthcare. The kernel for the idea came from Angela Radcliffe at FCBVIO, while Jennifer Byrne, Founder of PMG Research and the Greater Gift Initiative, and Kelly McKee, from the Clinical Innovation team at Lilly, added to it and helped bring it to life.

Over a 10-day period in April 2018, as many as 25 diverse and global teams will compete for the title of Popup Star Champion. Through this effort, those involved will gain insights that could allow them to replicate successful event formats, audience recruitment techniques, and activation/pull-through concepts that engage the general public in the value of clinical research as a care option.

Team leads who hail from all corners of the healthcare landscape (patients, caregivers, advocacy, academia, researchers, healthcare practitioners, payers, and industry) will be selected for a city and provided seed funding and mentorship to guide them. Teams/cities will be announced at the SCOPE 2018 conference. From there, teams will be responsible for securing:

  • Venue and logistics
  • All funding sponsorships above and beyond seed money (5K per team)
  • Speakers and exhibitors
  • The audience
  • Earned media
  • And anything else to make it special

Throughout the process, check-ins, videos, and social media feeds will be utilized to create a series of web episodes to raise awareness—like Celebrity Apprentice (just without Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Martha Stewart). The finalists will be brought to an award ceremony in NYC where the winner will be reveled via a broadcast stream. To learn more or apply to compete visit www.popupstarcommunity.com.

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