Longboat Gives Greater Gift Initiative 980 vaccines

This press release was originally published by Longboat

The Greater Gift Initiative (GGI) recently announced that it has received 980 vaccines by means of a donation from Longboat.

Longboat’s Guided Compliance creation offers an integrated online toolset that is engineered to outlines the protocol compliance for all research personnel and guide them through the process.

“Longboat is delighted to contribute to the Greater Gift Initiative, a wonderful organization that honors clinical trial participants by providing vaccines to children in need,” Aidan Gannon, head of client services and innovation at Longboat Clinical, said. “At Longboat, we are passionate about making clinical trials a positive experience for study teams, site staff and patients, and as such, are very grateful to PMG and the Avoca Group for their hugely valuable contribution in helping us to create the best possible solution.”

To develop this tool, Longboat partnered with Avoca Group, a top integrated research and consulting firm that specializes on clinical outsourcing within the pharmaceutical industry.

“The Avoca Group in honored to be part of this engagement that resulted in a generous donation of vaccines from Longboat to the Greater Gift Initiative, an organization that is making a tremendous impact in global health by providing a vaccine to one child in need every time a clinical trial volunteer makes the decision to participate in a clinical trial,” Avoca Group COO Janice Hutt said. “Like both PMG and Longboat, Avoca is committed to increasing clinical trial participation and educating patients of clinical trials as a health care option as well as improving patient engagement and patient celebration in clinical research.”

Avoca chose PMG Research as its supplier for expert clinical research site perspective about the Guided Compliance tool, which was created by Longboat, that was recently part of a focus group for market research. 

“We are grateful for this incredibly generous donation by Longboat in partnership with Avoca,” Amanda Wright, executive director of the Greater Gift Initiative, said. “Their acknowledgement of the need for recognition and celebration of clinical trial volunteers while advancing world health through vaccination illustrates the progress the clinical trials industry is making in moving toward a patient-centric model.”

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